Our Services & Solutions in Kenya

As a leading financial services provider in Kenya, we take pride in creating a financially secure future for our members and customers. Customer centricity and value addition is central to our over-aching business strategy.

We believe that our innovative approach sets us apart in providing solutions that not only meet global standards but also are tailored to our local needs.

Our services and solutions fall into two categories;

    • Corporate and SME Solutions—Actuarial services, Retirement Fund Administration, Corporate Trustees Services, Umbrella Solutions and Insurance Solutions.
    • Personal Finance Solutions—Personal Insurances, Personal Pension Plans, Beneficiary Trust Fund and Alternative Investments.

Corporate and SME Solutions

Actuarial Services

Zamara offers a comprehensive array of actuarial services to corporate clients including insurance companies, medical providers, gratuity arrangements and retirement benefit schemes. Our actuaries have a depth of regional experience in modeling techniques, valuation as well as strategy.

Our actuarial services fall into three broad categories.

Pension and Benefits Consulting

Zamara offers a variety of services to retirement benefit schemes’ trustees and their sponsors, including:

  • Actuarial valuations of Defined Benefit (DB) schemes and gratuity arrangements
  • Actuarial reviews of Defined Contribution (DC) schemes
  • Benefit design – when establishing a new retirement benefit scheme or gratuity arrangement or reviewing an existing one
  • Employee benefit disclosures in accordance with global accounting standards (including IAS, FAS and CICA)
  • Actuarial modeling of scenarios to model future cash flows for your retirement benefit scheme
  • Modeling of benefit adequacy projections of future for members of retirement benefit schemes to predict member outcomes.
  • We assist trustees and members in making early interventions to improve retirement outcomes for members

Asset and Investment Consulting

Our asset and investment consulting services assist trustees in navigating the complex world of investments in order for them to make informed decisions and assess investment performance. We also provide similar services to SACCOs, endowment funds and high net worth individuals.

Zamara’s asset and investment consulting services include:

  • Development of investment policy, objectives and guidelines
  • Implement an investment process for funds
  • Setting the investment philosophy and objectives
  • Devising a strategy to achieve investor goals
  • Selecting of asset managers
  • Developing and implementing appropriate investment mandates
  • Monitoring manager performance and risk
  • Monitoring investment performance and risk
  • Asset allocation studies and review this is a two tier approach involving:
  • Undertaking asset and liability studies.
  • Reviewing adequacy of asset allocation within investment objectives and guidelines
  • Manager research and selection
  • Development of benchmarks and performance standards
  • Performance measuring and monitoring
  • Monitor compliance with legislation and global best practice

Insurance Consulting

We offer a full breadth of actuarial services to insurance companies, including:

  • Statutory actuarial valuations of general and life insurance liabilities, including preparation of Financial Condition Reports
  • Product design and pricing of new and existing products
  • Embedded value and appraisal value calculations
  • Transaction advisory services – Start-ups, mergers, acquisitions and commutation of insurance liabilities
  • Modelling and advisory services on risk-based statutory and economic capital
  • Reinsurance optimization
  • Implementation of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
  • Valuation and pricing of National and Public Healthcare schemes and products
  • Training and implementation of IFRS 17
  • Asset Liability Modelling and preparation of Investment Policy Statements
  • Advising on the appropriateness of contribution rates and benefit structures of Post Retirement Medical Schemes
  • Retirement Fund

Administration Services

Scheme administration is a critical and integral part of the day-to-day management of a retirement benefits scheme. It is a specialized field that requires professional skills to ensure the smooth management and running of the scheme. A well administered scheme reflects well on members’ perceptions and by extension the state of the employer.

At Zamara, we provide the full spectrum of Benefits Administration Services. Our competitive advantage lies in our invaluable experience and a diverse complement of skills, size, corporate governance, IT systems, our staff and our innovative approach.

Our full range of benefit administration services includes:

Consulting and Advisory Services

  • Secretarial services
  • Documentation and compliance
  • Reporting to Trustees and Members
  • Managing regular board meetings
  • Liaising with all service providers
  • Liaising with regulators

Benefit Administration Services

  • Maintenance of individual member records
  • Benefit processing and payment
  • Benefit projections
  • Online member access
  • Pensioner administration
  • Quarterly administration reports
  • Member communication services

Fund Accounting Services

  • Maintaining cash books
  • Preparing management accounts
  • Preparing accounts for audit
  • Preparing cash flow statements
  • Payment of tax – individual and corporate

Training and Education Services

  • Trustee Training
  • Hot Topic Seminars
  • Regional Conferences
  • Member Education and trainimng
  • Pre-retirement Training
  • Financial Planning Workshop

Corporate Trustee Services

Our Corporate Trustee Services act as corporate principal officer for pension schemes and provident funds and can provide you with a range of services to ensure the effective management of your scheme or fund.

Services include:

  • Oversight of scheme services providers
  • Reporting to Sponsor/ Employer
  • Reporting to regulators
  • Communication to scheme member
  • Ensure compliance to regulators
  • Management of death benefits

Umbrella Retirement Solutions

Zamara Fanaka Retirement Fund

At Zamara, we appreciate that employee benefits are an increasingly important factor in the ability of an employer to attract, retain and motivate good quality staff by creating a sense of belonging and loyalty to the company.

The Zamara Fanaka Retirement Fund is an umbrella fund that is the ultimate retirement benefits solution, allowing an employer to provide flexible yet competitive benefits without the hassle of having to run a retirement benefits scheme. With various participating employers subscribing to it, the Zamara Fanaka Retirement Fund offers the following:

Benefits to the Employer

  • A professional and well-managed programme that requires minimal employer involvement. Allows the employer to focus on its core business
  • Centralisation of management of employee benefits Programs.
  • Inclusion of insured and disability insurances within the fund at cost-effective rates
  • Reduced risk, and thus optimal returns, through larger and better-diversified investment portfolios.
  • Economies of scale and lower overall costs than other retirement fund arrangements
  • Transparent investment and performance reporting
  • Regular communication to the employer and members

Benefits to the Employee

  • Uncomplicated benefits which are easily understood and valued by the employees
  • Ability for employees to make Additional Voluntary Contributions and boost their retirement fund
  • A tax exempt structure
  • Ease of administration of benefits to ensure that benefits are paid in a timely manner
  • Use of state of the art digital platforms and tools to access one’s retirement fund at any time and plan their finances
  • Access to additional benefits, such as post-retirement medical as collateral to accessing mortgage
  • Regular engagement and communication with members

Medical Insurance and Healthcare Solutions 

With the escalation of medical costs, employers are facing increasing upward pressure on their staff medical insurance costs. We assist employers to better target their healthcare spend and ensure they receive value for money. In addition to off-loading the administrative burden and giving peace of mind, our offering is accompanied with a bouquet of uniquely attractive value-adds structured to make access to healthcare a delightful experience.

The services we offer span across:

  • Medical insurance broking
  • Care & case management
  • Claims advocacy
  • Wellness consulting
  • Third party administration
  • Umbrella coverage for non-traditional risks

Life and Disability Assurance

We offer health & life insurance to various organizations that include the following benefits:

  • Life cover
  • Death cover
  • Permanent disability
  • Critical illness
  • Medical reimbursement
  • Funeral cover

Personal accident

Our integrated servicing and management system with the following capabilities:

  • Experienced and highly qualified broking and operations team
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Member education

Corporate General Insurance

In Corporate General Insurance, Zamara provides solutions to our corporate clients for their business risks. Zamara’s risk management solutions are informed by our understanding of our client’s unique needs, which enables us to identify specific risks that our clients face. This assists our clients to manage their total cost of insurance, by minimising losses that can be mitigated through prudent risk management. We also endeavour to understand our client’s business continuity planning to enable us to structure relevant and specific solutions to our clients.

The insurance policies we offer include:

  • Assets related policies – assets all risks,
  • electronic equipment
  • Business interruption in case of incidences caused by fire and related perils and machinery breakdown
  • Liability related policies – public liability, products liability, directors and officers liability, Medical malpractice and professional indemnity
  • Political Risks & Terrorism
  • Crop Insurance


  • Burglary
  • Loss of cash in transit
  • Theft by employees

Motor Insurance

Comprehensive and third party insurance covers for:

  • Motor – Private, Commercial and Motorcycles
  • Vehicles used for hire and reward
  • Motor internal and external trade policies

We also extend the motor insurance coverage to cover terrorism & political violence risks, excess protector and personal accident to the vehicle owners and their families.


  • Marine Insurance
  • Goods in Transit Insurance
  • Carriers’ Liability

Employee Benefits

  • Work Injury Benefits policy (WIBA)
  • Group Personal accident which covers
  • accidental death, bodily injury and any resultant medical expenses
  • Employer’s liability

Personal Finance Solutions

Personal Insurances

Insurance means comfort and peace of mind, but finding the right policy isn’t always easy. At Zamara, we look out for you so that you can spend your time and energy on what is most important in your life: family, friends, business and leisure. We will provide you with the guidance and support you need so that you can manage risks.

Motor Insurance       

We provide comprehensive and third-party insurance covers for:

  • Motor – Private, Commercial and Motorcycles
  • Vehicles used for hire and reward
  • Motor internal and external trade policies

We also extend the motor insurance coverage to cater for terrorism & political violence risks, excess protector and personal accident to the vehicle owners and their families.

Medical Insurance

We strive daily to provide healthcare and insurance products through personalized service that is both compassionate and professional.

The benefits available include:

  • Inpatient
  • Outpatient
  • Dental
  • Optical
  • Last Expense

Life Assurance

Whether you have already established a solid financial base for your family – a home, savings and investments – or you are just starting out as a new family with all these goals in mind, life assurance is a solid foundation that can protect your family from having to make drastic lifestyle changes or future plans in the unfortunate event of death. The purpose of life assurance is to pay a lump sum benefit in the event of death providing one’s loved ones with financial security.

Domestic Package

Household appliances are protected against theft, explosions and fire. Third party liabilities and domestic employees are covered from accidental bodily injury or death.

Education Plan

This is aimed at safeguarding your child’s future by saving funds on a policy with flexible payment plans over a given period. In the unfortunate event of death or disability, their future education is guaranteed at whatever stage.

Travel Insurance

Specialized & affordable travel insurance is designed to protect you whilst working or travelling abroad wherever you are in the world. It covers amongst others:

  • Medical-related expenses
  • Personal accident
  • Travel delay
  • Trip cancellation & curtailment
  • Hijack, kidnap or wrongful detention
  • Loss or damage to luggage, cash and travel documents

Personal Pension Plans

Zamara Vuna Pension Plan

At Zamara, we appreciate that saving for retirement isn’t always a top priority in view of other pressing financial commitments. However, with the right support and savings plan, it is possible to save for retirement even as you pursue other day to day obligations.

The Zamara Vuna Pension Plan is a retirement benefits plan that is designed to assist individuals and groups to build up retirement capital in order to provide you with an income during your retirement.

Benefits of participating in the Vuna Pension Plan include:

  • Flexible contributions
  • Individual investment choice
  • An array of benefits including death benefits, withdrawal benefits as well as ill health and incapacity benefits
  • Embedded Group Life Cover
  • Real-time access to your retirement account

Vuna pension plan is perfect for you if you are:

  • In contractual or seasonal employment
  • Self employed
  • A small business owner
  • Working overseas
  • Working in an organization without a retirement plan

Already saving through a company sponsored plan, but want to boost your retirement savings

Fahari Retirement Plan

At Zamara, we appreciate that saving for retirement isn’t always a top priority in view of other pressing financial pressures and commitments. However, with the right support and savings plan, it is possible to save for retirement even as you pursue other day to day obligations.

Fahari Retirement Plan is a retirement benefits plan that is designed to assist you the member of our society to build up retirement capital in a simple, affordable, flexible and tax efficient way, in order to provide you with an income during your retirement.

Benefits of Fahari Retirement Plan include:

  • Monthly pension or lump sum at retirement
  • Capital preservation through guaranteed positive results
  • An optimal retirement benefit including death benefits, withdrawal benefits as well as ill health and incapacity benefits
  • Built in life assurance at very competitive rates
  • Access to state of the art digital platforms to access your retirement account

Fahari Retirement Plan is perfect for you if you:

  • Are seeking to save for your retirement in an easy, secure and affordable plan
  • Wish to gift a pension to an individual(s) whom you wish to contribute to their financial well being

Beneficiary Trust Fund

Zamara Maisha Trust Fund

Often and has been the case in the past, benefits available after death of breadwinner have not been managed prudently for the benefit of the minor as a result of misappropriation by the appointed guardians, mismanagement or inability of the appointed party to invest the monies wisely. Nominating a beneficiary trust fund such as Zamara Maisha Trust Fund is the solution. As benefits payable to minors are managed by trusted professional advisers, their rights are safeguarded.

The Zamara Maisha Trust Fund provides:

  • Peace of mind that your benefits are secure
  • A professionally managed vehicle that ensures that benefits left after you have passed away serve their intended purpose
  • Monies are invested suitably to grow the portfolio

Diaspora Services

Zamara Diaspora Solutions is a platform that connects Kenyans in the Diaspora with investment, retirement savings and protection solutions at home. Zamara Diaspora solutions transcend the borders to provide you with a range of solutions that provide:

  • Exciting opportunities to invest your hard earned monies
  • A means to protect your future as well as that of your loved ones
  • Stress-free solutions that give you peace of mind that your portfolio is being handled with utmost professionalism
  • A steal of a deal across solutions, delivering value for money with amazing benefits
  • Access to expert financial and risk advisers with a depth of in-country experience
  • A reputable and reliable partner in Zamara

Retirement & Savings

The Vuna Pension Plan is an easy way towards securing a better future. It is a retirement benefits scheme that is designed to assist you to build up your retirement capital in a tax efficient way; in order to provide you with an income at the attainment of and during your retirement.

Vuna Pension Plan is registered with the pensions regulator in Kenya, the Retirement Benefits Authority (‘RBA’) and is also approved by the Kenya Revenue Authority (‘KRA’), the country’s tax regulator. More information is available under the Vuna Pension Plan brochure.

Real Estate

The Kenyan Real Estate market has experienced an unprecedented boom in the past 2 decades offering both local and offshore investors great returns. Zamara will partner with you and our other strategic partners, providing their expertise and deep knowledge of the Kenyan real estate market to help you find the best. The Zamara Fanaka Retirement Fund has invested in the good quality real estate in prime locations. The Riverine and Lulu Plains, offering you access to beautiful real estate options to buy or build. Whether you are seeking a ready built home or land on which to build your dream home, we provide you access to good quality real estate investment opportunities.


What would happen today if:

  • You or your loved ones fell sick­—can you access good quality medical care in Kenya?
  • You were to die today, how would your dependants and survivors get by?
  • Will your children complete their education in the quality of institutions that you would have desired?
  • Who is depending on you for financial support? Your spouse, children and others like parents and siblings?
  • How will your debts be paid? Your mortgage?
  • How will your property be protected from theft, damage, water, fire, political risk?

We ensure that you can protect your health and your wealth through insurance covers for medical, life and domestic insurance. We would not only advise you on the right levels of cover and insurances, but we would support your loved ones if a claim occurs to get the payment from the insurance company.

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