Zamara Vuna Pension Plan

At Zamara, we appreciate that saving for retirement isn’t always a top priority in view of other pressing financial pressures and commitments. However, with the right support and savings plan, it is possible to save for retirement even as you pursue other day to day obligations.

The Zamara Vuna Pension Plan is a retirement benefits plan that is designed to assist individuals and groups to build up retirement capital in a tax efficient way, in order to provide you with an income during your retirement. Benefits of participating in the Vuna Pension Plan include:

  • Optimal investment returns offered through unique investment portfolios
  • Preferential tax treatment
  • An array of benefits including death benefits, withdrawal benefits as well as ill health and incapacity benefits
  • Built in life assurance at very competitive rates
  • Access to state of the art digital platforms to access your retirement account

Vuna pension plan is perfect for you if you are:

  • In contractual or seasonal employment
  • Self employed
  • A small business owner
  • Working overseas
  • Working in an organization without a retirement plan
  • Already saving through a company- sponsored plan, but want to boost your retirement savings account

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