Motor & Household

Zamara provides specific focus to Small & Medium size Enterprises (SMEs) as well as individual clients. This ensures that our clients’ day to day insurance needs are met by providing specific focus to their unique needs, therefore enabling us to provide relevant solutions.

The solutions we provide include:

Motor insurance: We provide comprehensive and third party insurance covers for:

  • Motor Private
  • Motor Commercial
  • Motor Cycles
  • Vehicles used for hire and reward including general cartage
  • Motor special types

We also extend the motor insurance coverage to cover terrorism & political violence risks, excess protector and personal accident to the vehicle owners and their families.

Domestic package – We provide coverage in respect of:

  • House owners – we cover your building against risks of damage to your property
  • Householders contents – covers your contents against loss or damage including -electronics and portable equipment like phones, laptops and jewelry
  • Domestic workers are also covered in course of duty
  • Legal liability for people in your premises.

Golfers Policy – As you swing at the golf course, we provide:

  • Loss or damage to your golf equipment including personal effects
  • Third party legal liability in case of loss or damage
  • Personal accident for the golfer and to the caddies in case of injury at the golf course
  • Hole in one occurrence

Personal Accident – This policy extends to the principal and family members for any incidences of:

  • Accidental death or bodily injuries incurred.
  • Medical expenses incurred

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