Financial Planning Services

Financial Advice

The financial advice you receive on how to invest your savings has a significant impact on the value of your investments over the years. Receiving financial advice empowers you to manage your income and wealth optimally, for your prosperity.

Assessment of Life Insurance Cover

Zamara has qualified financial planners who assist you to assess the level of life insurance that you need according to your unique circumstances. Your Zamara financial planner will review:

  • The current level of cover that you have (if any)
  • Your spouse‚Äôs income, if you are married
  • The amount of income that your dependents need
  • Your cost of living, including household expenditure and medical costs
  • Your future needs and lifestyle changes

Retirement Planning

The main objective of a retirement fund is to accumulate sufficient savings to provide you with a reliable income after retirement. It is recommended that this monthly income be 75% of your final fund salary. Zamara has the resources and knowledge to help you track your savings to make ensure you retire with enough money to maintain a decent standard of living.

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