Diaspora Services

Zamara Diaspora Solutions is a platform that connects Kenyans in the Diaspora with investment, retirement savings and protection solutions at home.  Zamara Diaspora solutions transcend the borders to provide you with a range of solutions that provide:

  • Exciting opportunities to invest your hard earned monies
  • A means to protect your future as well as that of your loved ones
  • Stress-free solutions that give you peace of mind that your portfolio is being handled with utmost professionalism
  • A steal of a deal across solutions, delivering value for money with amazing benefits
  • Access to expert financial and risk advisers with a depth of in-country experience
  • A reputable and reliable partner in Zamara

Retirement & Savings

The Vuna Pension Plan is an easy way towards securing a better future. It is a retirement benefits scheme that is designed to assist you to build up your retirement capital in a tax efficient way; in order to provide you with an income at the attainment of and during your retirement.

Vuna Pension Plan is registered with the pensions regulator in Kenya, the Retirement Benefits Authority (‘RBA’) and is also approved by the Kenya Revenue Authority (‘KRA’), the country’s tax regulator. More information is available under the Vuna Pension Plan brochure.

Real Estate

The Kenyan Real Estate market has experienced an unprecedented boom in the past 2 decades offering both local and offshore investors great returns. Alexander Forbes will partner with you and our other strategic partners, providing their expertise and deep knowledge of the Kenyan real estate market to help you find the best.

The Zamara Johari Retirement Fund has invested in the good quality real estate in prime locations, the Riverine and Lulu Plains, offering you access to beautiful real estate options to buy or build.

Whether you are seeking a ready built home or land on which to build your dream home, we provide you access to good quality real estate investment opportunities.


What would happen today if:

  • You or your loved ones fell sick – can you access good quality medical care in Kenya?
  • You were to die today, how would your dependents and survivors get by?
  • Will your children complete their education in the quality of institutions that you would have desired?
  • Who is depending on you for financial support? Your spouse, children and others like parents and siblings?
  • Are you the sole breadwinner? Are you solo parenting?
  • How will your debts be paid? Your mortgage?
  • How will your property be protected from theft, damage, water, fire, political risk?

We ensure that you can protect your health and your wealth through insurance covers for medical, life and domestic insurance. We would not only advise you on the right levels of

cover and insurances, but we would support your loved ones if a claim occurs to get the payment from the insurance company.

You and your loved ones need protection through insurance. We have a team who will ensure that you receive the most competitive rates in the market as well as get quick support in the event of a claim.

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