Zamara Fanaka Retirement Fund

At Zamara, we appreciate that employee benefits are an increasingly important factor in the ability of an employer to attract, retain and motivate good quality staff by creating a sense of belonging and loyalty to the company.

The Zamara Fanaka Retirement Fund is an umbrella fund that is the ultimate retirement benefits solution, allowing an employer to provide flexible yet competitive benefits without the hassle of having to run a retirement benefits scheme. With various participating employers subscribing to it, the Zamara Fanaka Retirement Fund offers the following:

Benefits to the Employer

  • A professional and well-managed programme that requires minimal employer involvement, thus allowing the employer to focus on its core business and not be burdened with the responsibility and costs of establishing and running a retirement scheme
  • Involvement in the management of the retirement fund through the appointment of a Management Committee comprising of the company’s representatives
  • Centralisation of management of employee benefits programs by the inclusion of insured and disability insurances within the fund
  • Reduced risk, and thus optimal returns, through larger and better-diversified investment portfolios; translating to better benefits for members
  • Economies of scale and lower overall costs than other retirement fund arrangements
  • Transparent investment and performance reporting
  • Regular communication to employer and members

Benefits to the Employee

  • Uncomplicated benefits which are easily understood and valued by the employees
  • Ability for employees to make Additional Voluntary Contributions and boost their retirement fund
  • A tax exempt structure, hence contributions by employer and employees are tax deductible and the investment income is tax exempt
  • Ease of administration of benefits to ensure that benefits are paid in a timely manner
  • Use of state of the art digital platforms and tools to access one’s retirement fund at any time and plan their finances
  • Management of insured death and disability benefits
  • Additional benefits, such as pension as collateral to accessing mortgage
  • Regular communication to members

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