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Managing your medical expenditure

Managing your medical expenditure Below are options that you may consider in regards to managing your expenditure going forward depending on the benefit; Utilize the appointed provider panel as the rates are negotiated/discounted Take advantage of the direct access to specialists e.g. pediatricians, gynecologists and dentists to avoid repeat visits to general practitioners. Where practical, choose your […]

No Health Without Mental Health

Mental health is the psychological state of someone who is functioning at a satisfactory level of emotional and behavioural adjustment. It includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices.  Mental health is important at […]

Why You Need a Good Risk Insurance Broker

Optimizing on insurance can be an onerous task for any business, organization or even an individual. It is a balancing act between need and cost. That is why it is critical to get a strong team of experienced, professional consultants to help you through the process. Many professional indemnity/negligence claims arise from wrong advice of […]

The Management of Accounts Receivables as a Crucial Corporate Finance Component

The management of accounts receivables as a crucial corporate finance component has attracted a lot of interest by board of directors during the current Covid-19 crisis. Studies done show this is a global challenge, with many manufacturing firms and distributors showing high levels of account receivables as compared to their total assets. In most cases, […]

Do behaviour biases influence financial decisions?

The COVID-19 pandemic is shaking and shaping up a new normal around the globe with challenges and innovations that we have never seen before coming to life. At one end of the curve, we have seen a lot of people being unemployed and struggling to pay for basic necessities like food, rent or mortgage. And […]

A challenge of pension adequacy

Hi there, this is a 25-year-old millennial writing to you about pensions and retirement. In a previous article, I took us through how the retirement benefits industry is doing in Kenya and sadly, the current situation of the retirement benefits industry in Kenya is puzzle. And like every puzzle, the pieces are supposed to be […]

Is there a Pension Puzzle that needs our attention?

MONEY is a word that resonates well with you (unless you are living under a cave). SAVING is a word that your parents, teachers or relatives always (probably) talk to you about. PENSION, RETIREMENT is a word that you probably don’t take seriously (or you do, if you are ready to retire). Hi there, this […]

Starting early and saving for a longer period is better for you

From my previous article, it was noted that most Kenyans are not saving enough for retirement. In fact, we found out that on average a member of a retirement benefit scheme will only be able to replace 34.0% of their salary before retirement. This Income Replacement Ratio is way below the recommended range of between […]

Are we saving enough for Retirement?

In Kenya, the role of a retirement benefits scheme has changed from being a mere employment offering to being a crucial part of helping employees achieve their goal of financial independence. Over the past few years, the retirement benefits sector has grown at an exponential rate, with around K Shs 400 billion in assets in […]

Lessons on planning, from driving, books and other everyday things

“Keep distance – Stay Alive”. I read this statement as I was heading to the airport one morning, many moons before COVID took over our lives. Fortunately, I was in traffic (I was not driving and hence could not over speeding as my colleagues would claim is my normal). I was being driven and was […]

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