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Whether you are an individual or a business, the decisions you make and the advice and solutions you use play a crucial role in determining your future financial success. The financial world is fast-changing, complex, and full of jargon, making it bewildering to distil good advice and solutions from bad ones.

Specialising in actuarial, pensions, medical and insurance solutions, Zamara brings a fresh perspective to financial services by redefining convention and cutting through the complexity to simplify matters and design financial solutions that help you achieve financial success.

We have a rich heritage spanning over 23 years.  The firm started in 1994 as a niche actuarial firm initially operating as Hymans Robertson.  In 2003, the firm became part of the Alexander Forbes Group before adopting the new corporate identity Zamara in 2017.

Since our inception in 1993, the firm has grown out of all recognition in size, client base and range of services. We have been at the forefront of our industry, influencing how it works and at the cutting edge of innovation.

Zamara carries the qualities that our clients love us for – service orientation, actuarial expertise and unwavering commitment and reliability.   Except that now, we do so with a Pan African vision to power prosperity on our continent by providing financial and insurance solutions that result in financial freedom for both individuals and businesses across Africa.

Join us and discover a new world of financial freedom.

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