Our Brand Promise

Zamara is more than just a brand name. It is a celebration of who we are and a seal of maturity grounded in our Kenyan heritage having served Kenyans and the rest of Africa for over 23 years. Zamara is fresh, simple, authentic and African.

Zamara provides financial freedom by empowering individuals and businesses through financial and insurance solutions that enhance their financial well-being.  Zamara understands what financial freedom and prosperity mean to you.  As you work towards your future, we advocate your cause and exist to support you. That’s why our Higher Purpose is “to create a financially secure and prosperous society.”

Our Zamara logo embodies a new way of presenting ourselves to the world. The dynamic Zamara shield represents the protection, support and shared values that you can expect from us. It represents our unwavering commitment to thought leadership (expertise), customer intimacy (empathy) and operational excellence (agility).

Powering Prosperity is an expression of what we stand for and is the promise that we make to all our stakeholders and the society at large – to power prosperity by providing financial and insurance solutions that result in financial freedom for both individuals and businesses.

Our Values

The following principles apply to everything we do:

  • SIMPLICITY: We will choose simple over complex.
  • EMPATHY: We will strive to see the world through our customers’ eyes.
  • TRUST: We will earn trust by being trustworthy and accountable.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The value of Empathy is key to our culture at Zamara. Zamara manages its CSR activities through a CSR Committee that drives the identification and review of CSR initiatives. Zamara supports causes such as Cancer Awareness, Preservation of our Environment and Humanitarian Support.

Zamara is committed to establishing the Zamara Foundation to promote financial literacy and support local communities.

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